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How to access your data

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

You can gain access to your cryo-EM data in two ways.

  1. You can view your data on the web as it is being collected. Go to and click one of the myamiweb installations to reach the web-based data viewers. You will need to have a myami account in order to sign into the myamiweb page. Contact a SECM4 staff member if you need an account.

  2. You can transfer your raw data to your location using Globus . Instructions for initiating the Globus transfer are below

Please note that data will be automatically erased after xxx days. You must transfer your data to your location before that time.


Globus transfer

  1. First you will need to get a Globus account. Many universities provide access to Globus using their credentials, but if your university does not have this option, you can create your own Globus account.

  2. Sign into Globus and xxx

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