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Rapid Access

In addition to the typical application process, we will also allow rapid access proposals for projects with exceptionally high urgency or for researchers who need one-time access to SECM4 resources for evaluation purposes. In such cases, investigators can submit a rapid access proposal that will forgo the typical review process, and instead be reviewed internally by the SECM4 staff and awarded time at their discretion. Applicants would be expected to provide compelling evidence justifying the urgency of their application, i.e. high biological significance, national health emergency, or evaluation of the potential of SECM4 technology such as the Chameleon to work on their sample. It is expected that such proposals would be completed in three SECM4 sessions or less. In order to ensure fairness for the review process, the external advisory committee will be asked to audit the rapid access awards at the yearly meeting to make sure that rapid access is being awarded equitably.

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